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  • Defend Yourself With a Beautiful (and "Stunning") Gold Ring

    I hope you never find yourself in the situation of the owner of a
    small restaurant in Chicago.

    She was closing up her restaurant about 10 pm one night and was
    starting her 10 minute walk to where her car was parked.  She was
    a little concerned, because she had heard on the radio that
    evening that a convicted serial rapist escaped from prison and
    was last seen only 4 blocks from her restaurant.

    She had recently purchased a Stunning Ring Pepper Spray and kept
    it in her purse.  She decided to take it out and put it on for the
    walk to her car. Continue reading

  • Catch Criminals in the Act with a Voice Alert for Your Home or Driveway

    When Dr. Ron Caro's wife wanted to leave their apartment after
    their new mountain bikes were stolen from their balcony facing
    the alley, Dr. Caro installed a security system that has caught
    and prosecuted more than 14 perpetrators in the past two years.

    Dr.Caro lives in an upscale neighborhood in Whittier, California,
    in an apartment directly above the complex's carports adjacent to
    the alley. Two year's ago, after his bikes were stolen, Dr. Caro
    purchased four bullet cameras, a time-lapse video recorder, and a
    quad to monitor the activity in and around the carports, alley,
    and patio.  The week after installing the system, a neighbor had
    a break-in, so Dr. Caro reviewed the tape to see what happened.
    He found the incident and gave the tape to the police.

    "The police took a report and told me that unless I knew where
    the suspect lived or who he was there was really no way to catch
    the guy," Dr. Caro explained.

    So Dr. Caro added Voice Alert, a wireless notification device, to
    his system.  Continue reading

  • Get The Defense Techniques You Need With Instructional Fighting DVDs

    Unlike most people, Bridget hated quitting time. She wasn't a
    workaholic or anything, but ever since her company moved its
    office to save on expenses, she dreaded the thought of the four-
    block walk to the parking garage.

    Winter made things worse.  On top of feeling cold, Bridget
    couldn't stand to walk down the street in the dark. In the middle
    of December, four in the afternoon may as well have been four in
    the morning.

    Adding insult to injury, her office manager had banned anything
    that could be perceived as a weapon from the workplace. Bridget
    couldn't bring her pepper spray to work, nor could she invest in
    a stun gun. Showing up at the office with anything she could use
    to defend herself would get her fired.

    When the New Year rolled around, Bridget vowed to get control of
    things. Continue reading

  • Stay Protected and Empowered with the Stun Master 300-S

    Tina loved her job. She just hated her neighborhood.

    Managing one of the trendiest nightclubs in town, she got to
    spend her evenings rubbing elbows with rock stars, actors, and
    many of the city's elite.  Her boss converted an old warehouse by
    the docks into a fantasy world for their guests. It kept costs
    down, but it also made for a pretty treacherous walk down to the
    parking lot at 4am.

    Tina's boss really cared about her, since she kept the place
    running so smoothly. She refused to let him pay for a car service
    so he gave her a Stun Master 300-S. She remembered how he asked her
    to hold it by the wrist strap when walking down the block, "just
    in case."

    One Saturday night, Tina couldn't wait to get home. Continue reading

  • The Stun Baton - Not Your Average Nightstick

    Kevin loved his work. As the night watchman for a warehouse, he
    got paid to exercise. Spending seven hours a night taking laps of
    the facility gave him a good workout, and he enjoyed the relative
    peace and quiet of working overnights in the city.

    Kevin wasn't crazy about the neighborhood he worked in, but he
    figured he was far better off being locked inside the warehouse
    overnight than running into some of those lowlifes on the street.

    As he made his rounds one night, Kevin heard a clattering from
    one of the storage lockers. He wrapped his hand around the handle
    of his Stun Baton, which hung in a holster from his hip. He
    convinced his boss to let him carry one after a friend of his who
    works as a prison guard shared stories of how the same piece of
    equipment had saved his life during a riot. Continue reading

  • Shock Your Attackers (Literally) with the Stun Alarm Flashlight

    Ever since her husband died, Abby felt a little less safe in
    their brown brick townhouse. They had always wanted to live in
    the city together, so they saved up what they could to buy a
    fixer-upper in a blossoming neighborhood.

    Then David got sick.

    Before very long, Abby was on her own again. She wanted to hang
    on to the good memories of that house, feeling confident that she
    and her neighbors were driving the bad element off the block.

    Still, she always made sure she was prepared for the worst. And
    when the lights went out on her during a really violent
    thunderstorm, she shuffled downstairs to the broom closet for her
    favorite flashlight, a gadget David had bought for her for their
    last Christmas together. Continue reading

  • Deter Obscene and Prank Callers with the Telephone Voice Changer

    Bleary-eyed, Casey strolled in to the office, clutching a cup of
    coffee. She almost stumbled over her friend Jen at the elevator.

    "I'm so sorry," Casey apologized, "This guy keeps calling me at
    three in the morning. Every night, he tries to tell me these
    nasty things. I keep hoping he'll stop, but he doesn't!"

    Jen clucked, "I bet the phone company said they couldn't do
    anything about it, huh?"

    "Yeah," Casey exclaimed, "since he's not actually threatening me,
    and he's blocking his caller ID, they're helpless. They actually
    told me to turn off my ringer. I can't do that! What if there's
    an emergency when the kids are at their dad's?"

    "The same thing happened to me last year," whispered Jen. "Wanna
    know how I got rid of the guy?" Continue reading

  • Pepper Shot Tri-Pack - Protection for Any Situation

    Nina had just accepted a big promotion, which meant a bigger
    paycheck, but a longer commute. Luckily, she lived in the city
    and commuted out to the suburbs, so she didn't get stuck in the
    crazy traffic that some of her friends had to endure every day.

    One morning, she woke up extra early to get ready for an
    important staff meeting.  Scooting down a side road at over
    seventy miles per hour, she noticed flashing lights in her rear
    view mirror.

    "Ugh," she grunted. "One week into this job and I'm already
    getting a ticket."

    Still too early for many of the gas stations to be open, she
    pulled into a lighted space on the side of the road. Continue reading

  • Motion Alert Alarms - Convenient, Easy and Safe for Your Home or Business

    Marcy poured everything she had into her little gift shop. She
    rented a little building at the edge of a trendy neighborhood and
    converted the upstairs into a small apartment for herself.

    Although she wished she had more money in her budget for a more
    elaborate security system, Marcy figured she'd be able to reinvest
    some of the profits from her business into a high-tech solution
    pretty quickly.

    In the meantime, she picked up a few Motion Alert Alarm devices.

    For a fraction of the cost of a hard-wired security system, Marcy
    installed wireless Motion Alert Alarm stations throughout the
    building. Each one includes a keypad that Marcy could use to
    switch between a chime, which would help her keep track of
    customers moving through the store, to an alarm, which would
    sound if someone attempted to sneak into her upstairs living
    space. She installed each one in just a few minutes, using only a
    screwdriver. Continue reading

  • Mace Pepper Batons - Defense Batons with a Surprising Twist!

    Christy waited tables at a hip little bistro a few blocks from
    her apartment.  Though she loved her neighborhood, she always
    prepared for the unexpected.

    One night, one of the diners got a little out of hand. She could
    put up with rude customers, and she could even tolerate patrons
    who had a little too much to drink. She and her boss agreed that
    anyone who tried to lay hands on her or on any of the wait staff
    would end up enjoying the rest of their meal "to go."

    So her boss ejected a customer who looked like a rumpled college
    professor after he tried to pinch Christy's bottom. The guy
    created a huge stink, but the customers applauded when he fell
    down the steps and landed on the sidewalk with a thud.

    Later that night, Continue reading

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